Koch Brothers To GOP: We’re Not Going To Save You From Trump

The Koch brothers said that they will no longer be involved in the primaries nor fund any candidates against Donald Trump.

In an interesting move, the spokesperson for Charles and David Koch, James Davis, told Reuters that that the brothers “have no plans to get involved in the primary.”

In other words, don’t hold your breath Marco Rubio—the Koch brothers’ money isn’t coming to save you.

As Reuters notes, “The decision by the billionaire industrialists is another setback to Republican establishment efforts to derail the New York real estate mogul's bid for the White House, and follows speculation the Kochs would soon launch a ‘Trump Intervention.’"

The Koch brothers generally spend millions of dollars in favor of their chosen candidate—in 2012 they spent $400 million—yet they have largely been on the sidelines during this election. Charles Koch wrote an op-ed in February in which he stated that he was still waiting for a candidate who “can demonstrate a commitment to a set of ideas and values that will lead to peace, civility and well-being rather than conflict, contempt and division. When such a candidate emerges, he or she will have my enthusiastic support.”

This was a thinly-veiled dig at current Republican establishment darling, Marco Rubio; Koch was effectively telling him “you’re not good enough.”

It appears that his opinion has not changed. According to Gawker, the Kochs were set to spend a colossal $900 million this election, but spent only $400 million in 2015, and do not appear to be ready to invest the rest in a losing game.

According to Reuters, “Three sources close to the Kochs said the brothers made the decision because they were concerned that spending millions of dollars attacking Trump would be money wasted, since they had not yet seen any attack on Trump stick.”

They are smart (if evil) men, and this is a smart strategy. Trump is like Teflon—all attacks just bounce off of him with ease, which we’ve witnessed time and time again.

For many in the Republican establishment, this news appears to be Rubio’s death sentence. He’s behind by 200 delegates, he has only won one state, and now he cannot rely on an essentially unlimited supply of money to fund his attacks against Trump.

Trump’s nomination is looking more inevitable by the minute. 

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