Crowds Rush To Deadly Bridge Collapse With Selfie Sticks In India

Throngs gathered near the site of the collapse, which has resulted in at least three deaths, to take pictures and videos.


A bridge collapsed in the eastern Indian city of Kolkata, killing at least three and injuring several others.

Local media reported it was a nearly 40-year-old bridge that had not undergone proper repairs over the past couple of years. Currently, no one in the local government seems to be taking responsibility for the   disaster.

As rescue workers search for more casualties under the debris, Times of India (TOI) reported how throngs of people, "armed with selfie sticks" and digital cameras, have been arriving at the site to take pictures and videos.

TOI cited the example of one spectator with a selfie stick who was, apparently, live-streaming the collapse to his sister on WhatsApp. Another spectator took a photo because he had only seen such disasters in movies.

However, with the increase in smartphone usage, crowds taking selfies or photos at disaster sites has become a rather common, morbid form of disaster tourism, which often disrupts rescue work.

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