UAE Adviser With Ties To Kushner Indicted for Child Porn In The '80s

As a frequent White House visitor, Nader’s felony charge poses questions about governmental background checks already under fire for the Rob Porter scandal.


Emirati adviser and former associate of the President Donald Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, George Nader was arrested on charges of child pornography in 1985.

Nader was thrust into the spotlight after he was arrested by the F.B.I. at Washington, D.C.’s Dulles Airport in January. He has since agreed to cooperate with special counsel Robert Mueller and has provided significant information regarding the infamous Seychelles meeting between Blackwater founder Erik Prince and Russian representatives.

According to The Atlantic, Nader was arrested on obscenity charges in 1985 for possession of images and film of children engaged in sexual acts. The charges were later dropped as the key evidence submitted to the court was rendered impermissible.

Nader was charged in 1985 after a U.S. Customs officer inspected a packaged addressed to him. The officer suspected that the package was imported illegally.

Inspection of the contents in box showed that it contained illicit photographs, films and advertisement, material that was used to obtain a search warrant to Nader’s home on suspicion that “he (an alleged pedophile) would likely get in contact with children.”

Nader pleaded not guilty to charges of breaking federal obscenity laws, but the charges were later dropped as the court ruled that the warrant in the case was “illegally obtained,” rendering the evidence found with the search warrant inadmissible in court. The case was dismissed without a trial.

Despite the arrest and evidence, Nader was a frequent White House visitor — a major red flag.

“This appears to be a federal criminal record and the charge was a felony charge,” said Laura Terrell, a national security lawyer and adviser on background checks.

The news of Nader’s felony charge comes as another blow to the White House security and background check system, which is already under scrutiny in the wake of the Rob Porter scandal involving domestic abuse allegations.

According to former U.S. attorney Barbara McQuad, the timing of Nader’s arrest is also very significant.

“It’s very significant they met him at the airport as he got off a plane. This is not the way we’ve seen Robert Mueller doing business where he reaches out, schedules an interview, has them come in at a time of convenience,” said McQuad in MSNBC interview.

She also proposed the possibility that they may have offered Nader a deal, such as cooperation in return for not getting arrested.

“It’s quite possible, as we saw with [indicted Trump campaign aide] George Papadopoulos, that they actually had criminal charges they charged him with and arrested him at that time,” she continued. “We don’t know that. It could have been a confrontation: We could arrest you or would you prefer to talk with us and instead be a witness. If they had a search warrant to seize electronic devices, those may have provided to be very fruitful.”

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