Store In Kuwait Sticks Googly Eyes On Fish To Make Them Look Fresh

“Never judge the freshness of fish by the googliness of their eyes,” advised an online user after salesmen were caught sticking googly eyes on fish to make them look fresh.


If you have ever wondered how far salesmen can go to market their product, look no further.

A store in Kuwait has reportedly been shut down after the owners were caught sticking googly eyes on fish in a desperate attempt to make them look fresher.

A local newspaper, Al Bayan, took to Twitter to share the hilarious photos of the mind-boggling creativeness of the salesmen, who apparently thought they could get away with fooling people like this.

The pictures posted online showed the plastic eye slipping off the fish, revealing a much paler eye underneath.

Social media users shared their disbelief about the bizarre episode. However, the responses varied as people didn’t know whether to laugh or be angry about the owners’ insane determination to get their product sold.









The matter might appear amusing, but it really is no joke duping people into buying unhygienic, stale food just for the sake of making some money. There should be a standardized system of monitoring public eateries, grocery shops and meat shops to ensure they provide food safe for consumption.

In theory, people should eat more seafood as it provides range of health benefits from being a source of low-fat protein to being high in good Omega-3.

However, the deceitful practice of selling substandard seafood is a common scam at both the retail and restaurant level in many countries

For instance, many sushi places in America exploit their customers by charging higher prices for “wild caught” seafood which are also possibly drugged. So, basically, customers are paying premium prices for produces that are nowhere near what they desired.

There’s a very thin line between effectively marketing your product and making a fool out of people and the case in question goes to show how resorting to duplicitous behavior gets one in trouble sooner or later.

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