Kuwaiti TV Presenter Suspended For Calling Colleague 'Handsome' On Air

The woman joked that her colleague did not need to adjust his headwear for the camera as he was "already handsome."


"Already handsome": It appears uttering these two words on-air can cost a television presenter in Kuwait her job.

The unnamed female host on state-run Kuwait Television was covering local municipal elections when she made a comment about the appearance of Nawaf Al Sharraki, her male colleague.

Before handing over the live segment to her colleague, the presenter spotted him adjusting his traditional headwear for the camera.

From the studios, the host jokingly remarked Al Sharraki didn't need to do it as he was "already handsome."

Little did she know those two words would spark a firestorm of criticism.

Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Qabas reports the presenter's comments drew the ire of "top officials" of the country, including Kuwaiti parliamentarian, Mohammad Al Hayef, who called on the channel to take action against her.

Kuwait is a Muslim-majority Persian Gulf country where, like all other ultraconservative Muslim countries, where members of opposite sexes follow strict rules of engagement in public settings, especially on television.

The country's Ministry of Information has said the department is investigating the matter. The host has been suspended but, for now, it's temporary.

On social media, while some people thought the authorities were right, others thought it was an overreaction to an innocuous joke:


Translation via StepFeed: "A righteous decision, we thank the Ministry of Information for it."


Translation via StepFeed: "An unjust decision. It's clear that she meant it as a spontaneous joke."


Translation via StepFeed: "You're handsome... don't fix your head garment. She was trying to lighten the mood during a rigid political show, it's nothing more than that. Suspending this presenter and referring her to investigation is just abusive."

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