Radio Host Says It’s Ok To Grab Women By The P**** If You’re Famous

“The stuck up ones you can’t grab, feminists you can’t grab, but there are people out there you can grab on the p***y.”

A popular Australian  radio host and TV personality openly advocated sexually assaulting women on his show – and, somehow, still has his job.

On his KIIS FM breakfast show with co host Jackie O, Kyle Sandilands was chatting with newsreader Brooklyn Ross discussing John Laws’ recent TV interview on the ABC.

“I watched him [John Laws] on The 7:30 Report last night.He’s flirting the whole time with her [Leigh Sales], it’s so old school,” said Ross.

“He’s probably like Trump where he thinks because he’s famous he can grab Leigh Sales’ pu**y!” Sandilands said.

Jackie O who was visibly stunned by her co-host’s comments looked on as he continued: “They’re from that old school where they actually believe, the old Frank Sinatra vibe, ‘Oh yeah I can do anything to anyone, I’m famous.’ Which really, sort of, without bullsh**ting anyone, is sorta true, it’s just the stuck up ones you can’t grab.”

“The stuck up ones you can’t grab, feminists you can’t grab, but there are people out there you can grab on the pu**y.

“I’m not joking. It does happen,” Sandilands added shamelessly.

Jackie O then stepped in and tried to verify whether Sandilands meant exactly what he had just said.  “But you get the signal that you’re both into it? You can’t just go up to any random girl and grab her there just because you’re famous. That’s not what you’re saying?”

“Well, you can tell who you can and who you can’t,” the sexist radio host said.

He even went to the extent of asking Jackie O if she had ever used her fame to go up and “grab some guy on the d**k.”

The woman who was surprised at what was being said to her just responded with: “I’d have lawsuits coming at me left, right and centre, I’m sure”.

“Guys don’t do that,” Sandilands replied, probably implying that men actually enjoy or don’t have much to lose when they’re sexually assaulted.

“Women do the lawsuits about grabbing genitals. If a guy took you to court for grabbing him on the genitals, that guy, he would have to hide forever because he would be a loser,” he proudly added.

It goes without saying that Sandilands’ remarks are appalling for more than one reason.  For starters, talking about “grabbing” women’s genitals on a public platform is blatant advocacy of sexual violence – and that is not OK. Secondly, to view women as sex objects is the textbook definition of sexism. Also, Sandilands is not only undermining sexual violence against women but when he says men don’t file lawsuits over non-consensual sexual contact, the shock jock is also downplaying the seriousness of sexual violence against men, which – unlike what men like Sandilands might think – is a real problem.

Sure, Sandilands has made similar controversial comments in the past but the fact that a public figure in a developed country can casually promote sexually assaulting both men and woman should not be brushed off as yet another “controversy.”  This man needs to go.

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