Woman Throws Drink On Lakers Fans Who Took A Knee During The Anthem

“This is for the national anthem. F***ers,” said the woman as she hurled her drink at the two Lakers fans.



Since our very own president won’t hesitate to attack NFL players who refuse to stand up for the national anthem, why shouldn’t it be fair game to the American public as well?

It seems football fans are now getting bold enough to spew invectives and physically attack those who dare to protest against racism and police brutality. At least one woman thinks so.

During a Los Angeles Lakers game, two football fans were accosted by a young woman who threw her drink at them for apparently kneeling during the national anthem.

“This is for the national anthem,” she said the woman as the two men watched her in shock. “F***ers.”

The racist incident, which happened before a preseason game  Citizens Business Bank Arena in Ontario, California, was also caught on tape by the woman’s companion.

The woman, whose Twitter handle appears as Savannah Sugg, then proudly posted the video on her Twitter account.

“Take a kneel for the land of the slaves. Disrespect the flag and our country and that’s how we’ll react.”

She later deleted her account, probably because of the backlash she received.

Some Twitter users believe the two women, Sugg and Hailey Perea attend the California Baptist University.


Another person compared the two women’s behavior as that suffered by African-Americans during the Jim Crow era.


It seems fans are now attacking each other physically and not just boycotting the sports or the athlete. Videos like these are no longer a surprise. After all, with a president like Donald Trump, who eggs on violence and does not hesitate to mock an already beleaguered nation, what else can you expect.

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