LA Photographer, Who Couldn't Afford Health Care, Dies

"It was really serious for a couple days. I even called people at 3 a.m. so I wouldn’t be alone when I died," Conan Soranno wrote in a heart-wrenching Facebook post.


After a fighting prolonged battle with his health following a bike accident and ensuing health care costs, Conan Soranno, a Los Angeles-based photographer has died.

In a Facebook post, written a few days before his demise, Soranno explained how he had faced a difficult choice of either receiving hospital treatment or becoming homeless.


A Twitter user, @bax_books, who identified himself as Soranno's friend, also tweeted the late photographer's final Facebook message, shedding light on how lack of health coverage can cost people their lives.

The same user also shared a few final photos clicked by Soranno:




"This weekend was hell, but it has allowed me to bring up a serious topic," Soranno wrote in his final Facebook post. "It’s about being poor and why that is the biggest cause of death in someone who’s fighting to survive."

Soranno also stated his rent was due on Aug. 25 and in order to pay that amount he had to sell his Jeep. However, on Aug. 20, he started "vomiting buckets full of blood."

In fact, his condition deteriorated so much that he had called people at 3 a.m. so he "wouldn't be alone" when he died.

"I think it’s because they upped my blood thinners," he added. "I really should have gone straight to the hospital. My rational that kept me out of the hospital was I couldn’t go because then I couldn’t sell my jeep and then I would be able to pay rent. Pretty f****d up that some people have to make hard decisions like that. Hospital or homeless."

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