A Cautionary Tale For People Who Lose Track Of Time At The Gas Station

If you go to a gas station in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, make sure you don’t stay too long texting in your car. This might happen to you.

A gas station worker in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, busted the taillights of a man’s truck allegedly because he was taking too much time at the pump.

A cell phone video of the incident, captured by Facebook user Monet Dansereau at the Valero station at Fifth Street East and East Avenue K, shows the woman, apparently an employee at the station, hitting the back of the black Toyota Tacoma with what looks like a bat or hard pipe.

Before starting her act of vandalism, the woman is heard counting, probably giving the driver, identified only as Ray, a chance to drive away. When the man refuses to move, she slams her bat at least six times at the rear lights. The woman can also be heard telling the man, “Go right now, I told you to go. I told you two times.”

“I’m not doing anything illegal,” the man can be heard in the background. “I’m here to buy some freaking gas.”

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The police arrived at the scene and detained the woman on suspicion of felony vandalism. Ray said he was shocked and feared for his life after the woman started bashing his truck.

He also admitted the woman might have reacted this way because he was texting inside his truck for over an hour and lost track of time.

The woman stayed at the jail overnight while the gas station posted her $20,000 bail. She was expected to come back to work on Wednesday, her manager said.

Thumbnail/Banner Credits: Screengrab/Facebook 

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