Cop On A Power Trip Drags Teen Girl Off Train For Having Feet On Seat

The officer can be seen dragging the girl out of the train. She grabbed on to a pole but he pulled her off anyway.

A  Los Angeles Police Department officer was caught on video arresting a teenage girl from a Red Line Metrorail train.

Her crime: Not taking her feet off the train’s seat.

In the footage, the officer can be heard asking the girl, who identified herself as Bethany Nava from West Hollywood, to get off the train because she had refused to take her feet off a seat.

Apparently, this was enough of a reason for the officer to arrest her.

He told the girl he would arrest her when the train stopped at the platform, and that is exactly what happened.

Once the train stopped, he dragged Nava off, as she tried her best to not step out, holding on to a pole inside the train. She lost her temper and got abusive, but the officer pulled her out anyway, after which he pushed her against a wall, and held her arms behind her back, while calling for backup.

Meanwhile, a man filming the altercation pleaded with the officer to let the girl go. As the officer was waiting for other officers to arrive the scene, another woman, Selina Lechuga, intervened and taunted him for arresting Nava in order to meet his monthly quota for arrests. She called him a racist, declaring she will "stand up for her people."

After backup arrived, both the women were arrested.

According to a police spokesperson, Lechuga was charged with committing battery against an officer, although it is evident from the video that she did not make any physical contact with officers until the officers handcuff her and lead her away. Nava was issued a release from custody citation and was cited for being “loud and boisterous” on the train, officers said.

Many believe the officer abused his power to arrest Nava, who could have just been given a warning and let go. There are no details regarding whether the police officers involved in the incident would be reviewed by the police department.

Thumbnail/Banner : Pixabay, lechenie-narkomanii

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