Lara Trump Compares Media Coverage Of Chelsea Clinton And Ivanka Trump

Lara Trump called out the mainstream media for their “double standards” in interviews with Ivanka Trump and Chelsea Clinton.

Lara Trump, the daughter-in-law of President Donald Trump, rose to Ivanka’s Trump defense, calling out NBC for asking Trump’s daughter whether she believed in sexual assault allegations made by her father’s accusers, at an interview that was conducted during 2018 Winter Olympics.

“I give her a lot of credit for going on NBC actually, because they haven’t been very kind to the president,” Lara Trump told FOX Business’ Maria Bartiromo. “I think this was incredibly inappropriate to ask Ivanka, and she handled it with such class and such grace.”

Lara, who is married to Eric Trump, also bashed the mainstream media for persistently singling out the Trumps.

She drew a bizarre parallel between Chelsea Clinton and Ivanka Trump. She cited an old interview of former President Bill Clinton’s daughter with "Good Morning America," and pointed out that hosts didn’t question her on sexual misconduct allegations that were made against her father.

“It’s shocking, it’s ridiculous, it’s sad,” Trump said. “I could give you a million words to describe this, but it’s not surprising. The people who are in charge of the mainstream media in this country are out to get the president and our entire family at every turn. And then you see Chelsea Clinton, and nothing.”

Lara Trump clearly failed to check the fact that although Chelsea Clinton has been a public figure, she hasn’t really been politically active during her father’s tenure unlike Ivanka, who, along with being the president’s advisor, has also promised to be a champion of women’s rights in the current administration.

Lara Trump further shed light on the president’s current agenda for the special and midterm elections in 2018. She further said he’ll be campaigning in Pittsburgh ahead of Tuesday’s special House election to replace Republican Rep. Tim Murphy, who resigned in the midst of several scandals.

“What’s important is that the president wants to get the message out,” Lara Trump said. “If the American people want to move the message forward, want to see the president successful for this country, we need great Republicans in office who are going to make sure the president’s agenda moved forward.”

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