Larry Nassar’s Victim Asserts She's Getting Billed For Sexual Assault

The young victim says that her mother is still being billed for appointments at MSU where she was sexually assaulted by disgraced Dr. Larry Nassar.

During the fifth day of sentencing for Larry Nassar, the disgraced USA Gymnastics doctor, victim Emma Ann Miller, 15, told the court that Michigan State University was still billing her mother for the “treatment” she got from him just one week before he was fired.

According to the 95th survivor of Nassar’s abuse, her “mom is still getting billed for appointments where [she] was sexually assaulted.”

After her story made the news, the university told reporters that Nassar’s victims were no longer going to be billed.

Miller said she sought treatment from Nassar and considered him to be a friend and role model.

The last appointment she had with Nassar was in August 2016, which could make Miller the last of Nassar’s young victims.

MSU staffers were reportedly aware of Nassar’s sexual abuse since 1992. Lou Anna Simon, the university’s president, is one of the staffers who was aware of his sick behavior ,and yet, the attacker was allowed to make victims out of his patients for decades.

If anything, this report proves that abusers like Nassar are given blanket immunity from the establishment. These attackers are protected and even elevated as they are allowed to pursue their sick fantasies while those who are aware remain quiet.

Hopefully, these stories will help other victims to come forward in the future so people like Nassar are discovered and brought to justice promptly.

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