Do You Realize How Bad Hollywood's Whitewashing Is?

If you ever wondered how bad Hollywood's whitewashing has been (and persists to be), look no further than John Oliver's latest "How Is This Still A Thing?" segment.

As the Academy Awards approach, many are voicing their displeasure (or confusion) over the ever-white nominees list.

It’s nearly impossible to escape: Hollywood has been whitewashing their characters for about as long as movies have been around—the examples of such are simply too many to count. Yet for some reason, some people are still having a hard time seeing what the problem is or even how often it happens.

Many African-Americans have decided to boycott the Oscars, saying that the Academy Awards is snubbing movies like Straight Outta Compton, Beasts Of No Nation, Creed, and even Concussion, which were expected to be contenders in this year's Academy Awards.

Yet, as Hollywood is known to do, none of these films were nominated for anything—except, of course, Straight Outta Compton, that was nominated for “Best Original Screenplay,” which just so happens to only recognize the work of two white screenwriters.

Despite this blatant and cringeworthy lack of diversity, people still don’t seem to see the problem.

John Oliver decided to take it upon himself to point out just how bad Hollywood’s whitewashing has been (and persists to be) by specifically calling out those who say that the reason there isn’t any diversity is simply because Hollywood doesn’t offer diverse roles.

Check out the video below to see the numerous examples of Hollywood’s whitewashing:

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