Latina Anchor Stands Up To Bigots Angry About ‘Buenos Dias’ Greeting

An ABC13 news anchor responded to backlash from viewers who felt saying “Good morning” in Spanish during her broadcast was un-American and disrespectful.

Latina news anchor Mayra Moreno responded to haters who were upset by her beginning her morning report with “Buenos dias.”

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After being told her Spanish greeting was “un-American,” the ABC13 Houston, Texas anchor posted a message to her social media accounts highlighting the fact that hate is what is truly un-American.

Moreno’s post — which has been shared more than 2,000 times on Facebook — reminded angry viewers who felt speaking Spanish on Memorial Day was disrespectful that Latinos have also died for this country.

“#Oops Apparently this morning I upset some people after I greeted our viewers with a simple  #BuenosDías after my coanchor wished everyone a #GoodMorning. Some decided it was uncalled for and unAmerican especially on #MemorialWeekend when we are supposed to honor those who died serving our country. Didn't realize that this day and age a simple 2 word phrase would upset some people.  #WeAreAllAmerican #LetsStoptheHate #HispanicsAlsoDiedforAmerica”

Another notable tidbit that Mic points out is the fact that the population in Houston — where ABC13 is based — is 43.8% Latino, which would make Moreno’s Spanish greeting totally appropriate for the demographic her station caters to.

Since Moreno clapped back at the haters with her post, she’s received an outpouring of support in the comments from military veterans, viewers, other Latinos, and people who simply don’t support intolerance and appreciate her using her platform to stand up against racism and xenophobia.

It’s no secret that the current political climate has set the stage for this type of behavior. Several of the original 17 GOP presidential candidates expressed bigoted views toward Latinos — including the many infamous comments made by Donald Trump, who is now the party’s presumptive presidential nominee.

A similar situation occurred recently at California State University, Fullerton’s graduation ceremony, during which a respected Univision anchor, Maria Elena Salinas, was booed after including a few words of Spanish in her keynote speech.

Salinas summed up the necessary solution: “I think the message is, we have to cool down the intolerance right now. We really do. This is ugly, what’s happening in the country.” 

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