Waiter Won't Serve 4 Latinas Until They Prove They're In US Legally

The four women were asked to show their “proof of residency” and when they stared at the waiter in disbelief he said, “Yeah, I need to make sure you’re from here.”

When four Latina women decided to try the Saint Marc Pub-Café in Pacific City, California, all they wanted was to splurge on some grilled cheese sandwiches.

However, what they got instead was a nasty shock.

Diana Carrillo, her sister and two friends went to Saint Marc, an upscale area in Huntington Beach, but before they could order their food, they were asked a highly racist question by the waiter.

The four women were asked to show their “proof of residency” and when they stared at the waiter in disbelief he repeated his demand. “Yeah, I need to make sure you’re from here.”

Flabbergasted, the four women took out their ID cards and handed them over to the waiter. But as they realized what the man had just done, they decided to complain about him to the manager.

The manager told them they could sit in a separate section and offered them his business card, but they refused and left the establishment.

Carrillo, 24, decided to post her encounter on Facebook when she arrived home.

“How many others has he said this too?” she wrote. “I hope this employee is reprimanded for his actions. No establishment should tolerate discriminatory actions from their employees. PLEASE SHARE WITH YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS!”

People most certainly did and in just a week Carrillo’s post got more than 1,800 reactions and 1,300 shares.

After the negative publicity, the restaurant fired the employee responsible for the racist behavior. It also offered the women a VIP experience at the place, which they declined. However, they did decide to accept the owner’s offer to donate 10 percent of the weekend’s proceeds to the charity of Carrillo’s choice, Orange County Immigrant Youth United.

Ken Bearden, the senior director of operations at Saint Marc, told The Washington Post the waiter had never asked such a question to anyone before and “had never received so much as a write-up.”

He also insisted the employee’s view were “something that you can’t control. The true measure is how you then handle it as a company. I feel very proud of our team and how we tried to take a proactive approach, trying to create a positive out of this situation.”

Carrillo also wondered whether the behavior was a result of President Donald Trump’s hate rhetoric.

Social media users bashed the employee for his behavior.

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