Angry Town Hall Crowd Labels Lawmaker 'A Killer' For Passing Trumpcare

New Jersey Rep. Tom MacArthur was not welcomed by the audience at a town hall meeting in Willingboro, in which hundreds of people showed up to criticize him.

If there was any doubt remaining that very few Americans support the American Health Care Act (AHCA), New Jersey Republican Rep. Tom MacArthur's recent town hall meeting solidifies what we all know to be true: The AHCA is appalling.

The meeting took place in Willingboro, and MacArthur fielded questions for almost five hours after the meeting's start time of 6:30 p.m. The congressman was booed by the crowd, who deemed him a "killer." The Guardian reports that more than 500 people convened outside the Kennedy Center, and many held signs fulminating against MacArthur at the raucous gathering.

Constituents were understandably furious at MacArthur's amendment to the bill, which allows states to be exempted from rules preventing those with pre-existing conditions from paying more for health care coverage. Their signs sharply demonstrated their anger over Trumpcare and MacArthur's role in its passage. "I took your healthcare" was written on MacArthur's forehead on one sign; others called him a "MacWeasel" and read "Our health matters more than Tom's net worth."

In the meeting itself, passionate citizens spoke up about how the bill will hurt their health — and wallets. 

Claudia Storicks, a former nurse who's disabled and relies on an electric scooter, is dependent on the Affordable Care Act to insure her health expenses. 

"That would mean that my diabetes would get out of control, my foot would probably get worse, and I’d probably end up in hospital and losing my house," Storicks said to The Guardian on the repealing of the ACA. 

Storicks directly addressed MacArthur regarding the medication she needs for diabetes and charcot foot, which weakens the bones. She said the bill will cause her distress due to the fact that she was "born with bad genes."

MacArthur said high-risk pools will safeguard people like Storicks, but health experts say otherwise. 

Altogether, MacArthur fastened himself to the same tired claims and false answers. He said individuals won't lose their insurance (blatantly untrue), that not everyone agrees with the protesters (studies show the majority of Americans oppose the bill), and that 7 percent of Americans were in the individual insurance market (it's actually grown by quite a bit over the years). 

The people are seeing right through the congressman's bull — and they're angry. In fact, meeting participants told MacArthur outright that he has "blood" on his hands. 

Sadly, all signs point to accuracy. 

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