These Lawmakers Want Women To Make Husbands Breakfast In Bed

“You don’t feel like you’re being represented and those kind of backwards ways of thinking are still present; it’s really, it’s upsetting.”

Lawmakers in North Dakota have come up with a very bizarre idea for how women should spend their Sunday mornings.

According to the Republican state Rep. Bernie Satrom, women should spend their Sunday mornings bringing their husbands breakfast in bed. He further said after women are done with serving breakfast, they should take their children out for a walk.

The comments from male Republicans came in order to defend North Dakota’s Blue Laws — a 1991 regulation that requires some businesses to open late and some businesses not to open at all — on Sunday. It seems Satrom think the male population is in dire need of rest on Sundays.

As if it was the 1950s. As if women don’t go to work.

Backing the sexist comments, state Rep. Vernon Laning (R) came out with his set of comments.

“I don’t know about you, but my wife has no problem spending everything I earn in six and a half days. And I don’t think it hurts at all to have a half-day off,” he said.

Several North Dakota women spoke to Valley News Live about their frustration with the outdated comments of the lawmakers.

“It’s hurtful, to know that that’s the reasoning that they’re using,” an unidentified woman said.

Sarah Cramer, from Fargo, said, “It’s frustrating personally because when you know those are the people representing you. And you don’t feel like you’re being represented and those kind of backwards ways of thinking are still present, it’s really, it’s upsetting.”

Laning played the lamest card possible with the well-worn defense that people were taking the comments too seriously. He further added that anyone who is upset with the comments lacks a sense of humor.

Twitter users slammed comments made by the lawmakers.








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