Pig Carcass Dumped Outside Oklahoma Mosque In Possible Hate Crime

The act was clearly intended to offend the local Muslim community as Islamic faith prohibits the consumption of all pork products.



Footage captured by the mosque's security cameras shows two men unloading the carcass from the back of a pickup truck in the mosque’s parking lot and speeding off.

Dr. Hassan Ahmed, the director and imam of the Islamic Center of Lawton, was shocked when the police told him of the incident.

"It's shocking. It is religious intolerance," he said. "All they did was show how stupid people can be.

“Well, I don't want to call it a hate crime because I didn't know exactly the intentions of the person, the perpetrator. I don't know their intentions and what they did it is it something that they don't know anything. I don't know but if their intentions was [sic] nagging the Islamic center or the prime business of the Muslims here in the US. I would call it hate crime.

"What shocked me is a person has to take a lot of preparation and time and travel and come there and drop off a wild hog in front of the mosque that is not thinking about good things for the community and for the nation. It just shocked me," he added.

But he has forgiven the culprits. He believes education is the key to not just respecting Islam but all other religions as well.

"Education is power. No doubt, education is power. If a person is educated, actually in practice of education. The only reason a person does this kind of thing is because of fear of others. Not knowing the others is what makes it a problem,” Ahmed said.

He himself was at a lecture with a group of representatives from different religions — including Christianity, Judaism and Buddhism — discussing how religious leaders could inspire their communities to practice inclusiveness and tolerance, when he found out about the incident.

Police have yet to identify or arrest any suspects. They are, however, investigating the incident as a possible hate crime.

Hate crimes are rampant across the country targeting minorities, including Muslims since the elections.

Hateful letters were sent anonymously to at least five mosques in California with a warning that President-elect Donald Trump would "cleanse" the United States of Muslims soon after the election results were declared.

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