Trump’s Favorite White Supremacist Leader In Britain Has Been Arrested

The leader and deputy of Britain First party have both been charged with using threatening and abusive rhetoric and behavior during speeches.



The leader and deputy of the far-right, white supremacist party, Britain First, have been arrested over speeches they made in Belfast.

Britain First, which styles itself as a political party and makes calls to its supporters to join the “British resistance” for the “future” of British children, has largely been condemned by civil rights activists as a far-right hate group for its “invasions” of mosques.

Paul Golding, 35, and his deputy Jayda Fransen, 31, have been both charged with using threatening and abusive rhetoric and behavior after speeches, listened by an audience of about 50 people, at a Northern Ireland Against Terrorism rally in the city on Aug. 6.

Golding was arrested Thursday morning after he traveled to the city to support Fransen at her first appearance in court. Fransen was detained in London and then flown to Belfast after her hate speeches.

Britain First’s deputy gained notoriety after her videos were shared by none other but President Donald Trump. Two of the retweeted videos contained violence, including a person being pushed off a roof and another being beaten. They also prominently depicted Muslims engaging in attacks against Christianity and white people.





Prosecutors and police requested the judge presiding on Fransen’s case, Fiona Bagnall, to limit the deputy’s involvement in any more rallies and prohibit her from using social media. Bagnall ordered Fransen she could not be within 500 meters of any demonstration in North Ireland but did not curb her social media activity, as the judge doubted whether that would be under her jurisdiction.

Richard McConkey, Fransen’s attorney, also said limited his client’s “freedom of speech” would be disproportionate for a politician.

Meanwhile, according to a police source, a “Free Speech for Jayda” rally was scheduled for last weekend but was postponed due to the snowy weather.

However, the detective said they were concerned “here would be further offences and also concerns about public order.”

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