Leaked Video Shows Brutal Interrogation of 13-Year-Old Palestinian Boy

WARNING: The following video contains graphic images including depictions of blood and intense discomfort.

A video depicting the brutal interrogation of 13-year-old Ahmad Mansara was leaked to the Palestinian media on Monday. 

The video is graphic in nature and viewer discretion is heavily advised. 

Mansara was arrested on October 12 by Israeli police for allegedly participating in an attempted murder with his cousin Hassan Mansara in the Jewish settlement of Pigsat Zeev in West Jerusalem. 

The 15-year-old Hassan was gunned down by police and Ahmad was was run over by a car while attempting to flee the scene. Two Israelis were injured during the alleged attack, but Hassan was the only fatality. 

A photo (shown briefly in the above video) of Ahmad Mansara recovering in a hospital bed went viral in the initial weeks following the incident. And now Mansara is in the public eye once again for the brutal interrogation visited upon him by the Israeli police. 

Mansara initially denied his involvement in the stabbing, claiming that his cousin was the one who did the actual attacking. However, the officer in the video seems to be attempting to worm a confession out of him by showing him a video of himself participating in the offense. 

Mansara is visibly hysterical in the video and what makes it even more upsetting is that according to international law, a child cannot be interrogated without a parent or guardian present.  

As the video points out, Mansara has not been in contact with his family since the attack. 

This is an illegal interrogation, and it is also an illegal incarceration. 

Mansara is a resident of Jerusalem and is, therefore, subject to Israeli laws. According to those laws, no child under the age of 14 can be imprisoned for their crimes. Mansara's prosecutors have denied his family's request that he be released on house arrest until his sentencing. 

Sounds very much like an unjust imprisonment.

This is a story in which everyone loses.

This child was engaged in a nefarious illegal activity and is now being treated horribly by the police of a country to which he is diametrically opposed as a result of his own nationality. 

Racism, hate, fear, and anger are what drove both sides of this story to these nightmarish heights. One hopes that an equally strong infusion of tolerance, patience, understanding, and courage will come to these nations soon. 

The price, in the meantime, is too high to pay.

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