Left-Handed People Can Now Get Disability

If you suffer as a lefty in a right-handed world, things are going to start looking up for you.

left handed politician

Millions of left-handed individuals will now be eligible for disability in a new act that was passed to help those who have a hard time in a right-handed world, according to Mouthwire.

The Justice for Dexterously Challenged Act will be beneficial for people who suffer from 'extreme left-handed disorder', or ELHD, which is when a person can't do much of anything with their right hand. Most left-handed people are somewhat ambidextrous, being able to use their right hand for tasks that are not accommodating for left-handed people. However, people with ELHD have a really hard time.

There is even a Left-Handed Nondiscrimination Association that has helped in the fight for lefties.  The President of LHNA, Mary Cavil is one of those people that suffers from ELHD, and she talks about just how hard it is for lefties to do simple, every day tasks, such as adjusting the stereo in the car while driving or finding the right pair of scissors. In some countries, being left-handed is considered a sinister sign, and many teachers will force their students to learn how to use their right hand, no matter how difficult it is.

One well-known left-handed person is Barack Obama, who happily signed the JDC Act. However, signing the document was not an easy task, as many left-handed people have a hard time doing so without getting ink all over their hand.

Hopefully this act will be a step in the 'right' direction for left-handed people who just need a break.

Thumbnail Credits : Reuters

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