99-Year-Old SF Resident Faces Eviction From Lifelong Home

A 99-year old, African-American resident living on Page Street in San Francisco, is currently faced with eviction over legal fees costing her more than $100,000.

A San Francisco resident is facing eviction after legal court fees piled up to costing over $164,000.

Iris Canada, 99, has lived at her home for more than 50 years and does not intend on leaving any time soon, according to RT.

“San Francisco is my home, and my home is my home. I don’t want to go anyplace,” Canada said.

The owners of Canada’s home also want to turn her apartment into a condominium.

Owners of the apartment complex located on Page Street allegedly told Canada previously that she could keep her current apartment for $700 a month for the rest of her life.

Canada has refused to sign the papers to agree to turn her apartment into a condo that would leave her evicted from her beloved home.

A vigil was held outside of Iris Canada's home, who may face eviction

Peter Owens, co-owner of the six-unit building, said, “She is holding the entire building hostage because nobody can buy and sell their unit.”

Gentrification is a huge issue in San Francisco that affects people of all ages.

It's disappointing that the owners are thinking about making money and have no mercy on elderly people, like Canada, who simply want to stay in their home filled with so many memories. 

Canada was granted permission by the court to stay in her apartment, for now, but must pay the legal fees she owes.

She must also sign the condo documents for the apartment complex, or she may be evicted. 

It is unclear whether or not Canada will eventually have to move out of her home. 

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