Meet The Racist GOP Candidate On A ‘Special Assignment’ From Trump

After using the n-word for rapper Kanye West, the GOP coroner received criticism from the Northumberland County Republican Committee.

A paramedic and Republican candidate for coroner in Pennsylvania’s Northumberland County allegedly has a history of notorious racist and Islamophobic social media posts. He also apparently has a habit of joking about rape.

Leo Mirolli is not just a coroner but also an event paramedic who provides EMS care to all Philadelphia professional sports teams and the public who go to the events.

Considering his many dealings with a diverse public and being entrusted to care for vulnerable people, a racist has no business in these positions.

However, Mirolli's Facebook posts are so ignorant, it’s cringe-worthy.

According to Sunbury, PA’s Daily Item, his social media activity included a post where he used the n-word for rapper Kanye West. Soon after this display of racism he drew criticism from the Northumberland County Republican Committee.


But that didn’t stop the bigotry.

According to Raw Story, several Facebook posts reveal how Mirolli used derogatory language in various circumstances. He once referred to black men accused of rape as “Obama’s children,” and links right-wing blogs to promote fake news about Muslims being “pro-rape” to augment his Islamophobic rhetoric.

The bigoted coroner, who is critical of “liberals,” claimed he’s “on a special assignment for President Trump to keep the snowflakes busy” while he builds his border wall “up to Washington.”


People are accusing Mirolli of intimidation against those who disagree with his racist rhetoric. According to a resident in the county, who spoke to Raw Story on the condition of anonymity, fearing Mirolli’s retaliation, the Republican coroner candidate is trying to silence those who disagree with him by threatening to leak their personal information online. So, you can also add blackmail to his list of charges.

Earlier this week, Mirolli posted a photo of printed pages of social media exchanges he intended to take to Geisinger Sunbury, a primary care practice where many of his critics work. According to the Northumberland resident who contacted Raw Story, Mirolli publicly accused nurses of being “junkies” on Facebook. Libelous claims like these could put their jobs in danger.


Mirolli denies the allegations on his Facebook post. “LOL. I almost spit my soda out reading this one. Talk about the alt left twist of a story. The Trump statement is just priceless,” he wrote on Facebook, sharing the link to the article.

None of these claims have been proven yet but if they are true, it won’t be a surprise considering the GOP’s history of hypocritical, racist, misogynistic, violent men.

Thumbnail Credits: Reuters, Carlo Allegri

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