Leslie Jones Accuses Beverly Hills Ritz-Carlton Of Racism

"Ghostbusters" star Leslie Jones, who is African-American, accused the Beverly Hills Ritz-Carlton of not liking black people after her stay over the weekend.

Comedian Leslie Jones poses for paparazzi at "Ghostbusters" premiere

Comedian and actress Leslie Jones made a bold claim against the Ritz-Carlton luxury hotel company via Twitter.

After staying at the chain's Beverly Hills location while in Los Angeles to host the BET Awards, the “Ghostbusters” actress revealed she had "the worst" experience.

She didn’t go into any specific detail about why her stay was so unpleasant, but she did accuse the hotel of not liking black people.

The Ritz-Carlton’s official Twitter account responded to Jones, apologizing for the negative experience she had and offering to investigate whatever her issues were.

According to The Root, the hotel chain has been accused of mistreating black patrons in the past.

Apparently, back in 2015, a suspicious surcharge was added to Ritz-Carlton customers’ bill at the lobby bar that was marked as a “CIAA Service” fee. However, the CIAA basketball conference is a predominantly black event, made up of mostly Historically Black Colleges and Universities.

When customers questioned the fee, the Ritz-Carlton failed to address whether the same surcharge was added during similar events with mostly white guests.

Many people responded to Jones’s tweet, accusing her of being a diva and just trying to get free accommodations. However, she can obviously afford to stay there without having to bait them into giving her special treatment.

Despite these people's opinions, without more context, no one can actually make an informed judgment call on whether there is truth to her claims. 

In any case, a few other people of color chimed in to agree with Jones about receiving less than hospitable treatment from the Ritz-Carlton. 

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