Let’s Not Forget A Racist Question Megyn Kelly Posed At The GOP Debate

While Megyn Kelly may be getting praise for handling Trump well, she deserves to be called out for the racist question she asked at the GOP debate.

Embroiled in a feud with Donald Trump, Megyn Kelly has actually attained the support of much of the media and public due to Trump’s baseless vendetta against her. She has responded to his offensive remarks with diplomacy and class, generally refusing to stoop down to his level. This has earned her a respectable reputation among both her peers and the public.

Much of the mainstream media (particularly her own network, Fox News) has constructed this positive narrative of Kelly, yet not acknowledged the fact that despite her decent response to the Trump situation, Kelly has made racist remarks in the past, even during last night’s Republican presidential debate.

Kelly posed an extremely bigoted question to the Republican candidates but has seen little to no backlash.

Gov. Chris Christie has stated he does not support profiling, which is actually one of the few respectable stances he has taken as a candidate. Kelly brought this up, pointedly saying, “In December, two radical Muslims killed 14 people in San Bernardino, California. Neighbors of the terrorists said that they did not report the couple to law enforcement prior to the crime, because they were afraid that they would be accused of profiling. Now, you have said that we should not profile. How do you square that with the San Bernardino case?”

Kelly implicitly wanted Christie to admit that the only solution would indeed be to profile. Christie, however, didn’t take the bait and responded appropriately:

“Well, because you can do it without profiling, Megyn, when you do it on the facts…That's not profiling, that's law enforcement.”

Kelly pushed further, telling Christie that law enforcement had no knowledge that the San Bernardino terrorists would attack. She said all was known was that “The neighbors said they saw men going in and out of the garage. They saw packages being delivered. They saw Muslims, and they did not think that was enough to call the cops. Do you?”

Kelly essentially claimed being Muslim was “enough to call the cops.”

This blatant, unabashed racism is completely unacceptable and Kelly deserved to be called out; Christie should have done it. Instead, he mildly responded that, “Listen, I think that what people should do is use their common sense… You see something that's suspicious, you call law enforcement and let law enforcement make those decisions. That can be done without profiling people.”

Kelly does not deserve the flawless reputation she has earned recently due to her conflict with Trump. She, like many other Fox News hosts, has displayed her bigotry on more than one occasion. 

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