Creepy 'Bewitched' Doll Walks When Its Owner Holds Its Hand

The 42-year-old doll has no batteries inserted in it, and does not work on any other technological mechanism, but still walks around.

A life-size doll in Mexico has become popular among internet users after videos of it holding its owner’s hand and walking around went viral.

Interestingly, the “bewitched” doll cannot walk with anyone else.

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The doll’s owner, Rosalba Valdez Alvarado, who lives in a house in Saltillo, Mexico, has proved to neighbors that it has no batteries, and nothing has been done in order to make it walk like a girl. However, it still manages to do so. People living around her house have even claimed to have seen the doll move its wrists, without external help.

In the video, Alvarado asks onlookers to hold the doll’s hand and walk around, but when they try to do so, she only takes a few steps and comes to a halt.

The original video posted by Guillermo Rios read: “Everybody said that it is a fake, but they would need to be there in order to see that it is not a trick.”

The doll owner has been invited on various TV shows featuring stories of paranormal activity and so far the doll is said to be possessed.

People who have seen the doll personally fail to understand how there could be any other explanation for this except for the fact there may be an external force within her.

Check out the unnerving video above.

Thumbnail/Banner Credits: Pixabay

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