Freak Lightning Bolt Electrocutes Herd Of Cows In Texas

The animals were seeking refuge from a raging storm by gathering under a large tree in their pasture when the lightening struck it.

The day after a lightning storm killed hundreds of wild reindeer in central Norway, a freak lightning bolt electrocuted 19 cows in Hallsville, East Texas.

The herd had gathered under a large tree to seek shelter from the storm when the lightening wiped out about a third of it. Some animals reportedly managed to recover from the shock and stumble away into the pasture, but the rest died immediately.

“All of a sudden, a lightning bolt came down and the cows just fell,” witness Victor Benson told KLTV. “In the blink of an eye a lightning bolt and there was lightning everywhere, but just one (bolt) and it was over.”

The dead animals were removed from the field and given to other people for meat.

“It's not something you see every day. Just kind of surreal to see it,” farm owner Ashley Anderson told WSFA news. “It's just a freak thing; I mean they were just staying out of the rain. There's really, to my knowledge, nothing you can do to prevent this.”

She also added that lightning had never killed any of her family’s or the neighbors’ animals — at least not to this extent.

While it was indeed a strange incident, such occurrences are not unheard of.

In fact, a similar incident in May killed a dozen cows on a farm in Missouri. Just a day later, lightning in South Dakota killed 21 cows, resulting in a total loss of $45,000 for the cows' owner.

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