Baltimore Ravens Reporter Sparks Backlash Over Old, Racist Tweets

Baltimore Ravens reporter Lindsey Ok used the n-word in old tweets. She has since deleted them but people want answers.

Media reporters have been fired for passing racist comments. Be it a fashion journalist, a sports reporter or a crime reporter – no one can ever retort to racism.

The situation is a little tricky for sport reporters as people tend to take sides and get emotional while siding with their preferred team. However, for a sport reporter while taking sides or generally talking about the game demeaning any player is a big no.

However, a Baltimore Ravens reporter, Lindsey Ok, casually filled her twitter feed with discriminatory, racist and xenophobic messages in the past.

She has since deleted those tweets, but as they say nothing stays hidden on social media.

Someone recently discovered her disturbing tweets and now everyone wants answers from her.

The reporter who covers the Baltimore NFL team for Ravens Wire, part of the USA Today network, called NFL, “ni*****” in one of her messages.

Twitter users started digging out Ok’s old tweets after she commented on the standing ovation that Milwaukee Brewers pitcher Josh Hader received from his home crowd even though he had been slammed for using racial language on his Twitter in the past.

The player had used racial slurs for African-American people, and in one of his previous messages he also mentioned the KKK.

Soon after the backlash, Hader apologized for those messages, clearing out that he wrote them while he was a teenager.


But for Ok to comment on his racism was hypocritical to say the least. That is when people on social media reminded her of how bigoted she had been in the past.


Not only was she racist, she also mocked Asians and gays and wrote hateful messages for homeless people.


The reporter hasn’t yet apologized for her behavior or addressed the concerns of people on social media.

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