Little Miss Flint Meeting Donald Trump Is All Of Us

The 9-year-old activist, Amariyanna Copeny, was straight up terrified to meet the Republican presidential nominee.



Donald Trump’s trip to Flint, Michigan, was one awkward mess.

The crowd heckled the Republican presidential nominee and then a pastor gloriously interrupted him mid-speech, chastising him for talking politics instead of discussing the city’s water crisis. It’s safe to say the business mogul did not receive the warm reception he had probably hoped for – in fact, his photo with a little girl in tiara and a sash aptly sums up how the city apparently felt about his visit.

Young activist Amariyanna Copeny, who wrote a letter to President Barack Obama about the contamination crisis and earned the title of “Little Miss Flint” after the president actually came to meet her, recently had the "displeasure" of meeting Trump – one of the two people in line to become the next commander-in-chief.

The 9-year-old appeared half-terrified, half-disgusted to be touched by the candidate.

The photo, which is now going viral, stands in stark contrast with the one taken during Obama’s visit to Flint earlier this year.


Unsurprisingly, the internet had a field day with Trump’s latest photo op disaster.







Then there was this.

Meanwhile, Copeny’s mother LuLu Brezzell told the media she remains undecided about the election and wanted to see what Trump could bring to the discussion.

“Hillary’s been here, we hear what she had to say,” she told the Flint Journal. “Now I want to hear what [Trump] has to say.”

Well, her daughter’s expressions seem to have said it all already.

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