GOP Adviser Calls Trump A ‘Loudmouthed D***’ On Live TV

Using foul language on TV didn’t embarrass Liz Mair at all — in fact she took to social media to boast what she had just done with a #sorrynotsorry hashtag.

Things on CNN got a little out of control when GOP strategist Liz Mair, who was in conversation with Anderson Cooper, called Republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump a “loud mouthed d***” on live TV.

Cooper, who was probably taken aback by the use of strong language, did the best anyone in the situation could have done, and pretended not to hear Mair’s comment.

However, Mair was so pleased with what she had just done that she took to Twitter to repeat it, just in case someone didn’t get to listen to her.


Mair is a libertarian Republican and her strong comments about Trump came when Cooper asked her if she has “lost any hope that the GOP can rein Trump in to be more traditional or less more disciplined as a candidate?”

“I lost all hope of that probably seven or eight months ago now, quite candidly. It's amazing to me that anybody is still having a discussion about having some sort of intervention or bringing him back on message,” Mair responded.

“His message is being a loud mouthed d*** basically, and going out there and offending people and then engaging in a bunch of airing of grievances. That's what he does. He doesn't have another message. He doesn't have anything else that he really wants to convey,” Mair added.

Check out the video above.

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