Tourists Terrorize Turtle For The Sake Of Selfies

A turtle recently became a victim of selfish tourists, bent on brutalizing the poor creature it for their own entertainment.

Last week, a blue shark was dragged to the shores of a beach in Dominican Republic, just so a group of beachgoers could take selfies with it.

This time around, a loggerhead turtle became a victim of this casual tourist terrorism.

The incident took place on Havana Beach in Beirut, Lebanon, where the turtle was dragged from the beach, beaten with a stick and stood upon by kids, all in the name of a perfect selfie.


Luckily, two passersby noticed the turtle left on the beach to die and took it to a safe place, after which they contacted the environmental conservation group, GreenArea International, to stage a rescue.

The organization contacted the environment and animal welfare organization, Animal Lebanon, to take custody of the loggerhead, who was severely hurt in the incident. The preliminary medical examinations on the turtle revealed a noticeable crack on the head where water was able to enter the bone.

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“We were not present when the turtle came to shore and have to rely on pictures and accounts of people who were present," said Jason Mier, executive director of Animals Lebanon. "Luckily, other people were there who did care and stopped this and helped get the turtle to a safe area.”

Mier also considered the possibility that the bone injury might have come from a previous experience, but after consulting with two veterinarians, it was concluded the wound came as a result of being recently struck.

The beaten turtle is currently recovering in a rehabilitation pool set up by the animal rights group and is being treated with antibiotics. The amphibian will be monitored over the course of 15 days to see how much it has improved. Once the turtle is fully recovered, it will be returned to its natural habitat.


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