Chinese Rugby Player Breaks Student’s Eye Socket Over A Racial Slur

“All I wanted him to do was leave us alone, stop following us, and stop fighting me, and stop harassing my friends,” said 20-year-old Sidney Chan.

Chinese Rugby Player

The incidents of racist and xenophobic harassment have hit an all time high, not only in the United States, but it appears, almost everywhere on the planet.

Recently, a 20-year-old Chinese rugby player appeared in court for allegedly kicking a student in the face — twice — after the victim hurled a racial slur toward him at the students’ bar at Imperial College, London.

Sidney Chan, who was studying at the Imperial College, broke Stephen Kent’s eye-socket and nose, leaving him with a heavy concussion. The incident took place after the Kingston University student called him a “ch***” — an offensive slur usually referring to a person of Chinese ethnicity.

Prosecutor Paul Fairley claimed Chan provoked the victim by making a comment about his “1980s-style mullet” haircut. Chan denied the allegations.

“I never said anything about his hair. He called me a ch***,” he explained. “[Kent] started throwing punches at me after he fell to the ground after I had pushed him. He quickly got back up and he charged at my group and started throwing punches at me.”

The surveillance footage from the bar reportedly showed Chan’s friends trying to restrain him during the scuffle, but he somehow managed to break free to confront Kent. After Kent fell to the floor, his body obscured by a parked car, the camera captured Chan running by him twice.

Prosecutors claim this is when he swung two kicks into his victim’s head, rendering him unconscious.

Explaining the reason behind his action, Chan said he was persistent to finish the brawl because his opponent wanted to “get back up and continue the fight.”

“I guess at that point I was pretty angry and I wanted to make sure that he stops fighting me,” Chan told the judge.

Whatever the story might be, there is certainly no justification for kicking someone who is already on the ground, bloody and bruised. While no one — absolutely no one — should get away with hurling racial slurs at someone just because they think their skin color is better than theirs, this violent altercation is just outrageous.

Luckily for Kent, a truck driver noticed Kent lying on the road and stopped his vehicle to check up on him.

“He could see straight away that his face was puffed up like a balloon, or words to that effect,” Fairley added.

Chan, meanwhile, denied one count of wounding with intent.

“All I wanted him to do was leave us alone, stop following us, and stop fighting me and stop harassing my friends,” he said.

Similar stories of violent race-related incidents have emerged from across the world.

In the United States, a teacher at David Cox Road Elementary School in Charlotte, North Carolina, allegedly repeatedly assaulted a Muslim schoolboy during the course of the school year. In another disturbing hate attack, white bullies badly assaulted an 8-year-old black kid at the school playground in Geismar, Louisiana. The victim was trying to protect his 4-year-old sister after the other kids told her to “go back to the cotton farm.”

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