Sadiq Khan Doesn't Want To Be 'Exception' To Trump's Muslim Ban

Sadiq Khan rejects Donald Trump's comments about making him an "exception" to his proposed Muslim ban if he becomes president of the United States.

Sadiq Khan

UPDATE: The newly elected London mayor, Sadiq Khan, responded to Donald Trump's comments about exempting him from his proposed ban against Muslims entering the United States. 

Khan nobly clarified that regardless of whether he is allowed to enter the country should Trump become president, the ignorance and intolerance his ban promotes still affects him.

“This isn’t just about me,” said Khan. “It’s about my friends, my family, and everyone who comes from a background similar to mine, anywhere in the world.” 

Khan's words indicate that he doesn't want to be an "exception" to a rule that should not exist in the first place. 

“Donald Trump’s ignorant view of Islam could make both of our countries less safe — it risks alienating mainstream Muslims around the world and plays into the hands of extremists," Khan said. 

“Donald Trump and those around him think that Western liberal values are incompatible with mainstream Islam — London has proved him wrong,” he added. 

Khan's rejection of Trump's "generosity" shows that he isn't interested in political agendas that only benefit the wealthy and affluent.

Although Donald Trump has called for a “total and complete shutdown of Muslims” entering the United States, apparently, it does not extend to London’s new mayor, Sadiq Khan, who is Muslim.

The GOP front-runner said Monday there “will always be exceptions” and said the mayor of London will be immune from the ban.

“I think it’s a very good thing, and I hope he does a very good job because frankly that would be very, very good,” said Trump. “Because I think if he does a great job, it will really — you lead by example, always lead by example. If he does a good job and frankly if he does a great job that would be a terrific thing.”

Khan, a U.K. Labor Party candidate, secured a win after managing to snub accusations of extremism from Conservative challenger, Zac Goldsmith.

Trump’s statement came soon after the new mayor announced he will visit the U.S. before his inauguration in January, in case the notorious real estate mogul wins the presidency.

“I want to go to America to meet with and engage with American mayors,” said London's very first Muslim mayor. “If Donald Trump becomes the president I'll be stopped from going there by virtue of my faith, which means I can't engage with American mayors and swap ideas.”

But after the boorish billionaire’s "generous" offer, looks like Khan doesn’t have to worry about his entry in the U.S.

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Though this seems like an unconventionally wise move from Trump, this isn’t the first time the Republican presidential candidate has created exceptions for influential or wealthy Muslims.

In an interview with MSNBC’s Chris Matthews, Trump boasted that he has many Muslims friends with one thing in common: They are rich.

“In most cases, they’re very rich Muslims, OK?” Trump said. “They’ll come in. You’ll have exceptions.”

So, while the rest of the hard-working Muslims might be sent back to their home countries, people who are wealthy and, apparently, fulfill Trump’s selfish agendas, will be accepted with open arms in the U.S.

Considering Trump’s friendly relations with highly affluent Middle East businessmen and his lucrative dealings with them, it’s obvious if Muslims want the GOP front-runner to like them, they have to be making big bucks.

If Khan is as smart as he seems, he won’t fall for Trump’s false charm offensive.

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