Veiled British Woman Confronts Man Who Called Her "Batman"

A British woman recorded the moment when a shopper racially abused her, in front of his two kids, because of what she wore.

After a man allegedly mocked a British Muslim woman wearing a veil, she decided to “put him back in his place.”

25-year-old Ahlam Saed claims she had just stepped in the Shepherd's Bush store in London when a shopper referred to her as “Batman” in front of his two daughters.

She confronted the man, calling him out over his offensive remarks. "You're ignorant," she said. "You need to grow up and stop teaching your kids that."

In response, the man threw expletives at Saed and repeatedly asked her “why do you wear that?” in an apparent reference to her face veil. He even made a reference to the Middle Eastern terrorist group Islamic State in his rant: “I know a white girl who married a Muslim man and she has an ISIS flag on her back wall.”

Saed had filmed the entire argument on her cell phone and later posted it on Facebook.

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"I can not believe what I had to endure today. Honestly couldn’t believe it. I was minding my own business,” she wrote in an accompanying note. "I had to pop into the shop down in Shepherd’s Bush to grab something. As I entered, this guy who I’ve seen around the area decided to call me ‘batman’, he even sang the theme tune.”

This is not a one-off incident of its kind in Britain. Islamophobic crimes, especially in London, have risen by 70 percent between 2014 and 2015, according to figures released by the Metropolitan Police last September.

While the Met’s statistics didn’t include gender, Tell MAMA, a U.K.-based organization that monitors anti-Muslim attacks, found 60% of the victims were women. Of them, women wearing a face veil were targets of more serious abuse.

In January, U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron announced new policies for female Muslim immigrants to help them integrate more closely with the British society.

Considering the statistics about hate crimes against Muslim women, perhaps it’d be better if the British government took immediate steps to tackle racism in the country, instead of coming up with half-baked policies in the name of counter terrorism.

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