Massive Sinkhole Almost Swallows A Car In London

A man's car nearly disappeared completely in a London sinkhole, but instead of biting his nails over the situation, he took the easier route.



A massive sinkhole opened up on a residential street in southeast London on Thursday morning, partially swallowing a seven-seater car.

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Ghazi Hassan, who owns the car, parked it outside of brother Abdul Ahmadza's home during an overnight visit. Ahmadza woke up at 4 a.m. and saw the car stuck in the sinkhole. However, he didn’t think there was much he could do to help the situation, so instead he decided to go back to sleep. 


Luckily nobody was injured from the incident, but 25-year-old Cleo O'Kane, who lives on the street said she “heard a loud bang” and “thought it was thunder” since it was raining so much.  

"All the car is resting on apparently is a pipe, otherwise it would have disappeared,” she added.

While the authorities came to get the car out, the area was cordoned off and the road remained closed for safety.

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The appearance of sinkholes is not rare, but can be disastrous. One in California was around two stories deep and, in July 2015, a Kentucky woman died after her car fell into a sinkhole approximately 60 feet wide and 20 feet deep. 

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