Black Woman Claims She Was Racially Abused For Helping A Pregnant Lady

“I said ‘excuse me, can she sit down?’ and he replied by saying don't you f***ing touch me,” alleged the unnamed black woman.

A black woman at the receiving end of racial abuse for doing a good deed wasn't about to ignore that man verbally assaulting her — so she pulled the emergency alarm to stop the train and have her arrested. 

The man's foul-mouthed attack on the London Underground was captured on video. His victims, a black woman who refused to give her name, claimed she pulled the emergency alarm and stopped the tube so that the other commuter could be arrested for racially abusing her.

The woman alleged the man called her a monkey before the video started, after she got out of her seat to let a pregnant lady sit down. She asked the man to move out of the way so the woman could sit down — and he allegedly said not to “f***ing touch me.”

“I went to offer my seat to a pregnant lady, I tapped the guy on the shoulder so he would move out of the way so she could sit down,” she said.

“I said, ‘Excuse me, can she sit down?’ and he replied by saying don't you f***ing touch me. He called me a monkey and said that we think that we can do what we want and then pushed me.”

“When I pulled the lever, the train staff escorted him off the train. I'm the victim here, not him.”

The commuter in question can be heard abusing the woman in the video, “One more picture, stupid idiot b****.” Infuriated, the woman slammed back “B****? You’re the b****, your mother is a b****!” she yelled.

“You know what,” she continued, “No-one is going anywhere now because of you.”

Other passengers tried to calm the woman down, while her opponent shouted back at her “you're a f***ing idiot.”

“I want them to come and arrest you and deport you,” she yelled before pulling the lever.

Transport of London has not commented on this disturbing incident.

Thumbnail/Banner Credits: Reuters

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