Woman Claims She Was Hit By A Moped After Ignoring Driver’s Catcalls

A London woman, who claimed she was hit by a moped, said her alleged assailant was released just two hours later by the police.

Pagan Lilley

A London woman claimed she was run over by a moped after she refused to respond to catcalls by a white man.

Pagan-Lilley Motlagh-Phillips, a 19-year-old council worker, was on her way home with her 18-year-old brother when two guys in a moped yelled after her, “Are you all right, darling?”

After she refused to respond to his jeers, one of the men pulled up beside her and “aggressively ordered her to answer. When her brother told him to leave them alone, the man threatened to run them over — and then he did just that, although Motlagh-Philips was able to push her brother away.

But that’s not all. When she fell to the ground, the man then reversed over Motlagh-Philips, who suffered from internal injuries and lost consciousness.

Following the dreadful assault, Motlagh-Philips was rushed to a hospital for treatment.

Pagan Lilley

On her Twitter account, Motlagh-Philips said it took the Havering police six weeks to track down the assailant but he was released within two hours.


They then said they were unable to find any prior criminal record of the alleged attacker and the CCTV footage obtained from the scene was inconclusive.


When an understandably upset Motlagh-Philips asked if the man had given an alibi, this was the shocking answer:


The police then told her the investigation “has concluded but should any additional information come to light which will help to identify the suspects this will be reviewed.”

The superior officer later called her and told her the officer in charge of her case “has to prioritize” his work.


Pagan Lilley

Meanwhile, the incident has left Motlagh-Philips traumatized.

“I can’t sleep without medication and going to work every day is becoming harder and harder. He could have seriously injured me or even worse, killed me.”

She also claimed she disguises herself when leaving home now in case she sees her attacker again.

 “He didn’t just run me over he took my confidence, my confidence in myself and people in general and now the investigation has taken my confidence away from the police,” she added.

It took her four months to muster enough courage to make her ordeal public, but she hopes it help her with her case or help someone else who is going through a similar situation.

Banner credit: Twitter, Pagan Lilly

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