London’s Greenwich Officials Want To Bar Trump If He Visits The UK

President Donald Trump could get a taste of his own medicine as Greenwich officials want to impose a "travel ban" on him if his visit to the United Kingdom goes through.



President Donald Trump is truly unpopular, even among some of the most peaceful and agreeable folks of Great Britain.

Trump was invited to visit Great Britain when Prime Minister Theresa May visited Washington D.C. in January. But as the trip remains on hold, British officials in the London borough of Greenwich have moved to install a “travel ban,” if you will, on the president, keeping him from visiting the location.

On Thursday, Greenwich council members passed a motion that declares the city wants to keep Trump from entering its territory, which is a historic neighborhood and home to the Prime Meridian line that divides the globe’s eastern and western hemispheres.

The borough “is a peaceful and welcoming place that celebrates difference and diversity, but in the case of President Trump we are willing to make an exception,” Denise Hyland, Greenwich's top government official, said.

During the meeting in which council members voted on the motion, they mentioned Trump’s willingness to “retweet Islamophobic Propaganda” and his “bigoted attitude towards women and ethnic minorities” as reasons to keep him from entering the district.

Recently, Trump used Twitter to share Islamophobic posts uploaded by a British extreme right-wing group. Even after the veracity of the hideous anti-Muslim videos was debunked, the president refused to apologize, prompting May to publicly state that what Trump did was wrong.

Trump quickly replied, asserting that the prime minister should “focus on the destructive Radical Islamic Terrorism that is taking place within the United Kingdom. We are doing just fine!”  

While the motion pushed by the Greenwich council doesn’t carry any legal weight, it shows intent, giving the president an idea of how unwelcome he would be if he were to set foot in London. But then again, is Trump really welcome anywhere?

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