College Students In Los Angeles Are Homeless And Starving

One in 5 Los Angeles Community College students is homeless while 65 percent face food insecurity.

Almost one in five Los Angeles Community College District students is homeless, according to a new study by the district’s board.

The survey took a look at student’s housing and food stability and found them both woefully wanting. Almost half the students in the college community reported they struggled with high housing costs. Sixty-five percent of the students said they could not afford balanced meals and 60 percent said they were unable to buy more food once their supplies ran out.

Some groups had a higher rate of housing and food insecurity, including black or Native American students and those who lived in foster care, served in the Army, are divorced or widowed or have children.

The students enrolled at the L.A. district’s nine campuses fare much worse than the national average.

To find out more about the alarming stats, click the video above.

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