Saudi Prince Gets Into Trouble After Throwing A Wild Party In LA

Danny Fitzgerald, the owner of a Hollywood Hills mansion in Los Angeles, is suing 29-year-old Saudi Prince Aziz al Saud for his wild behavior.

Saudi Prince Aziz al Saud faces a lawsuit from Danny Fitzgerald, the owner of a Hollywood Hills mansion in Los Angeles, for trashing his property and causing thousands of dollars worth of damage.

Apparently, al Saud, who stayed at the $100,000 per month rental property last year in August, held an untamed party filled with cocaine, strippers and guests who trashed the mansion. The prince had apparently rented the place for his graduation party and was only allowed to invite 150 people. However, he had around 800 people over.

Guests, allegedly under the influence of drugs and alcohol, turned the 10-bedroom property — which includes a nightclub, four bars, a swimming pool and gym  upside down. Now, the owner is demanding $300,000 to cover the money he lost on rent and damages the home was under repairs.

As the Los Angeles Times reports, the prince promised to pay for the damages to the home, but did not do so. Moreover, after the Aug. 16 party, he continued to have “nightly parties until the early mornings” and regularly left “piles of trash on the street.” Also, his guests were seen urinating on the plaintiff’s neighbor’s property.

Fitzgerald, who has apologized to the neighbors for all the inconvenience caused by his guest, told the newspapers he hopes his neighbors will act as witnesses in the court case against the prince.

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