Loyal BF Pretends To Be A Cop To Get His Girlfriend Out Of A Ticket

A New Jersey man attempted to save his girlfriend from at ticket for talking on her cell phone by pretending to be a police officer.

police officer

One man’s actions really took boyfriend loyalty to a new level—Joseph Ibrahem, 32, attempted to convince police officers in Paterson, New Jersey that he was a cop in order to get his girlfriend out of a ticket, according to NJ.com

Ibrahem’s girlfriend was pulled over while she was talking on her cell phone while driving, and she claimed she was speaking with her boyfriend who was also a police officer.

Ibrahem came to the scene and alleged that he had worked as a cop in nearby towns, but was unable to provide any form of identification. In an attempt to corroborate his claims, “The Sheriff's Office later contacted State Police, the State Department of Corrections, the Hillsdale Police Department and the Kearny Police Department, none of whom confirmed Ibrahem's claims.”

He was later discovered to be a security officer—a far cry from a police officer.

Ibrahem was then arrested and charged with impersonating a law enforcement officer, although his charges may become more severe, according to Raw Story.

Ibrahem’s girlfriend only received a warning from the incident, so the whole charade was completely unnecessary. Pretending to be a police officer is such an absurd move that it’s baffling Ibrahem attempted to do so in the first place—but he certainly got what he deserved, even if his girlfriend got away scot-free. 

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