This Heartbreaking Moment Was The Highlight Of The Democratic Debate

The most powerful and remarkable moment from Wednesday night’s presidential debate had nothing to do with Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton.



Presidential debates, so far, have been nothing but hate-filled squabbles between the candidates who treated the forum as an opportunity to hurl insults at each other.

However, people all over the nation witnessed an intimate and heart-rending moment during the latest Democratic debate that highlighted the actual importance of such political events.

On Wednesday, moderators Jorge Ramos and Maria Salinas were asking candidates Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton about their stance on current immigration policies when a Guatemalan audience member asked the White House hopefuls a very important question.

Lucia Quiej, a woman who understands very little English, told the candidates that her husband, who was an undocumented immigrant and did not have a driving license, was deported back to Guatemala three years ago, leaving her to raise their five children all by herself.

The family has not seen their patriarch since, and Quiej wanted to know how Sanders and Clinton would work to reunite families torn apart by the United States’ immigration system.

The Vermont senator and the former secretary of the state both assured the woman they would unite families rather than divide them, but their answer wasn’t the highlight of the night — it was the thoughtful actions of Univision reporter Enrique Acevedo that captured millions of heart across the country.

Since both the candidates were speaking English, Acevedo stood next to Quiej and whispered a Spanish translation in her ear, facilitating the powerful exchange between her and the presidential hopefuls.

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