Body-Cam Footage Shows Cop Punching And Dragging Hispanic Woman

The woman was arrested was arrested on suspicion of resisting arrest, drug and paraphernalia possession and driving on revoked license.

A Hispanic woman was stopped on a traffic stop by police officers for driving with a suspended license in Goodyear, Arizona.

However, minutes later a routine traffic stop turned into a chaos when the cop punched the woman, dragged her and accused her for resisting the arrest.

The Goodyear Police Department released body-camera footage of the incident that showed the officer, identified only as “M. Ross,” walking towards Renee Armenta’s car after parking his vehicle behind hers. He then confirmed Armenta’s identity and ordered her to step out the car.

The woman complied with the order and came out of the car. The officer then told her that she was under arrest that is when she got alarmed and asked him the reason behind the arrest.

However, instead of explaining the reason behind the arrest the cop grabbed her arm, punched her in the face and then dragged her down the asphalt till the police vehicle.

While being dragged down, Armenta kept asking the cop, “What did I do?”

But all her questions remain unanswered as the cop ordered a male passenger in Armenta’s car to step out of the car and get on the ground while pointing a gun at him.

The officer then went towards the woman again, folded her arms behind her back and placed handcuffs. Armenta kept asking the officer what she has done and told him that she hasn’t done anything wrong. However, the officer chooses not to explain anything to the woman and continued to arrest her forcefully.

After the cop placed handcuffs, Armenta asked him why he punched her to which the cop replied that she resisted the arrest. The woman denied the accusation and said didn’t do anything to resist the arrest.

The woman was then pushed towards the police car as she continued to ask and cry. Finally, when Armenta jumped into the car the officer told her that she’s arrested for driving with a suspended license.

Armenta was taken to a hospital for treatment and was later shifted to Maricopa County Fourth Avenue Jail. She was arrested on suspicion of resisting arrest, drug and paraphernalia possession and driving on revoked license.

Her companion was later identified as John Moreno. At first, officers told him that he would be released after receiving a ticket but they later found a drug-related substance in the vehicle.

The police department said an investigation into the incident would be conducted and later said the Surprise Police Station will take the investigation forward.

Armenta is now seeking legal action against the police officer. Anthony Ramirez, Armenta's attorney, said they were looking into filing a civil lawsuit against the city and Ross.

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