British Activist Backs Author Sam Harris' Muslim Genocide Rhetoric

"If we can figure out some way to keep the number of Muslims down in any society whether we’re honest about this, whether we do this covertly."

As atheist scholar Sam Harris brazenly called for less Muslims in the world, British activist Maajid Nawaz, one of the founders of Quilliam Foundation — which touts itself as the world's first “counter-extremist” organization, quietly agreed.

During "Waking Up with Sam Harris" podcast, Harris discussed how irrational it was to have more Muslims in the society.

“What is the f*****g point of having more Muslims in your society?” asked Harris. “It’s not worth the trouble and if we can figure out some way to keep the number of Muslims down in any society whether we’re honest about this, whether we do this covertly.”

Nawaz immediately agreed with the statement.

Meanwhile, Nawaz made an appearance on “Real Time” with Bill Maher where said he is suing the Southern Poverty Law Centre (SPLC) for labeling his cause as a hate group.

The organization has included Nawaz on a list of anti-Muslim extremists.

Nawaz spoke about the threat of jihadists and Islamist sympathizers in Europe and how "well-meaning liberals" hurt the cause for peaceful Muslims.

He further accused the organization and said that usually white males don’t allow for him to criticize his own religion.

“I’m sick and tired of a lot of the well-meaning… liberal and left-wing usually white men who decide that I am saying what they don’t agree with, don’t allow for me to say about my own community, my own religious heritage… So I’m gonna take them to court for defamation,” he said.

He also questioned “well-meaning liberals” why doesn't he have the right to criticize his own religion. He further said that now is the time to acknowledge that a problem exists and said Islam has to take a reform approach to Muslim scripture.

SPLC’s page features the activist’s book called “Radical: My Journey Out of Islamist Extremism.” The page also features a list of actions he’s taken that they say backs up this characterization. It further states “the evidence suggests that Nawaz is far more interested in self-promotion and money than in any particular ideological dispute.”

Nawaz’s name was placed on the organization’s list following a controversy last year. He addressed to it in a Daily Beast article.

“In a naively dangerous form of neo-Orientalism, the SPLC just arrogated to itself the decision over which debates we Muslims may have about reforming our own religion, and which are to be deemed beyond the pale.

Let us call it “Islamsplaining.”

“In a monumental failure of comprehension, the SPLC have conflated my challenge to Islamist theocracy among my fellow Muslims with somehow being “anti-Muslim.” The regressive left is now in the business of issuing fatwas against Muslim reformers,” reads the article.

Nawaz has also set up a website to help crowdfund his legal action.Nawaz further told Maher that being included on the SPLC’s list of anti-Muslim extremists endangers his life.

“We know what happens when you list heretics. They end up dead,” he said.

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