At NATO Summit Macron Dodges Trump And Hugs Merkel Instead

If body language is to be believed, France's President Emmanuel Macron is not on board the President Donald Trump train, and it seems that there are some power games at play.

On Thursday, United States President Donald Trump and France's President Emmanuel Macron faced off in a handshake duel in which media is calling Macron the winner. On Friday, their power games appeared to continue when Macron swerved past Trump to warmly greet German Chancellor Angela Merkel instead.

While no one can be absolutely sure if it was a snub or an honest mistake, given the tension that already exists between the two leaders, it is no leap of the imagination to see the footage as evidence of some serious shade.

In the video, which was initially shared by Macron himself on Twitter, the French president can be seen walking up the red carpet at the NATO summit in Brussels toward a group of world leaders. He seems to be headed in Trump's direction, but when the American president extends a hand, Macron turns to hug Merkel instead. Trump is left to awkwardly smile until Macron has finished greeting the other politicians.

The summit hasn't been a particularly smooth event for Trump. When he demanded other nation's "pay their fair share," he was snickered at. In another instance, he embarrassed himself by pushing Montenegro's president out of the way in a bid for the spotlight during a photo-op.

There is little doubt that Trump is not leaving the summit with many friends, but for the sake of America, we hope that he doesn't drive away allies. 

Banner/thumbnail credit: Reuters 

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