Macron's Intense Handshake Leaves Imprint On Trump's Hands

French President Emmanuel Macron reached for and grabbed Trump’s hands. He then shook it vigorously and rigorously.

Donald Trump

President Donald Trump shakes hand with people as if he is playing tug-of-war. He grabs the other person's hand and pulls it towards him with full force — it almost seems like he is trying to lug people's arms out of their sockets.

Many may remember President Donald Trump’s cringe worthy handshake with French President Emmanuel Macron.

In case you looked away, let us jog your memory: In a handshake that lasted for some painful 29 seconds, Trump gave Macron the Trump treatment. As Macron winced, Trump crushed his unsuspecting wrist in a misguided attempt at establishing superiority.

However, this year, at the G7 summit, it was Macron’s turn to follow in Trump’s footsteps. As the two leaders greeted each other, an eager Macron reached for and grabbed Trump’s hands. He then shook it vigorously and rigorously.

If there was any doubt regarding his intentions, he winked slyly at journalists during his handshake. When he finally did let go of Trump’s wrist, Trump’s embattled hand bore the mark of a thumb that had bored into it.


Twitter had a lot to say about the handshake game.

Some users reveled in the theatrics of the handshake.


While others lauded Macron for getting the upper hand.


It may have been fun to watch, but the handshake aptly demonstrated that the theme of this year’s G7 summit was conflict, not cooperation.

Trump attacked Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for being weak and threatened to impose tariffs on the participating countries. He also left the summit early and pulled the United States out of he G7 joint statement.

Ahead of the G7 summit, Macron responses to Trump’s tariffs and said that G7 countries “don’t mind being six.” With the comment, the French president indicated that U.S. can leave G7 without the move affecting the rest of the countries.

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