Trump Opens ‘Made In America Week’ — His Own Products Are Made Abroad

Donald Trump's hypocrisy knows no bounds.


In what seems to be an effort to deflect focus from the Republican health care bill, the White House announced “Made in America Week” this Sunday.

The impromptu event is intended to highlight products made in America and will feature at least two events related to the theme, said Politico. One will include a “product showcase” where American-made products from all 50 states will be displayed in the White House. On Wednesday, President Donald Trump will also give a speech on the importance of “making products in America.”

“For too long our government has forgotten the American worker. Their interests were pushed aside for global projects and their wealth was taken from the communities and shipped overseas,” said White House spokeswomen Helen Aguirre Ferre. "Under the leadership of President Donald Trump, not only will the American worker never be forgotten, but they will be championed.”

However, when asked if the president will use the opportunity to impress on his daughter, Ivanka Trump, to start manufacturing her clothing line in the country, Ferre had no reply but this:

“We’ll get back to you on that,” she said.

The president has pledged to bring manufacturing jobs lost to outsourcing back to America by renegotiating trade deals and restricting regulations. However, considering the fact that many of his own products, which have made millions for him and his family, have been made overseas, this event strikes people as quite hypocritical.

For years, the Trump Organization has been outsourcing many of its product manufacturing to Bangladesh, Mexico and China, to make clothing, interior design pieces and other items — not to mention, the organization requested visas for foreign workers to work on his American-based properties.

First daughter and senior aide Ivanka Trump’s fashion brand relies on factories in China, Indonesia and Bangladesh, where low-paid employees face inhumane abuse and human rights violations.









The White House plans to continue the theme weeks into August. July 25 will open “American Heroes” week while July 31 will be the start of “American Dream” week — though it has not been made clear what policies will be addressed during either of the events.

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