This City Is Offering 350 Euros To Host Refugees

One of the biggest cities in Italy is offering citizens 350 euros per month to host a refugee or an asylum seeker in their home for about six months.

One of the biggest cities in Italy is offering citizens 350 euros (or approximately $376) per month to host a refugee or an asylum seeker in their home for roughly six months. 

The plan was announced on Monday on the city's Facebook page. 

Diverse famiglie milanesi si sono proposte per ospitare chi richiede asilo ed è titolare di protezione internazionale,...

Posted by Comune di Milano | Palazzo Marino on  Monday, January 4, 2016


Here is the translated version of this message according to Bing. 

Several families of Milan have proposed to host asylum seekers and holds international protection, fleeing war and persecution. For this is open, until 15 January, a contract to draw up a list of available families, who must participate in a training program and talks with a psychologist who will compare the motivations, expectations, availability of various family members and its suitability with respect to the beneficiaries. As part of the protection system for asylum seekers and refugees, who joins Milan in 2001, the Ministry of the Interior provides for the possibility to experience complementary initiatives of welcome and support for refugees in order to encourage the re-conquest of the autonomy and the 'social integration. With this trial every family choice will become a new node of the reception system that already our city, through associations, the City Council and all third sector, made ??effective in recent years in support of those in need, people homeless and refugees in transit. The time of hospitality is about six months, which may be extended on the basis of individual project needs, and it is expected a refund of 350 euro monthly ministerial funds. If you want to participate with your family the notice is available here:


The city's department of Social Policies, Pierfrancesco Majorino, has been quoted as saying that he is "proud" of the upcoming program and feels it is an "economical way" to help the refugees. 

Italian right-wingers, however, believe that this is "sheer madness," arguing that it is a form of "racism against struggling Italian citizens."

"They offer 400 (sic) euros to Italian families who decide to host a migrant, but if those same families were in need of financial assistance, they would never receive 400 euros from the government," said Luca Squeri, a member of parliament for billionaire former prime minister Silvio Berlusconi's party.

This new program isn't the first of it's kind. There have been other similar programs in major Italian cities including Bari, Trieste, Parma and Genoa, as well as some smaller cities. 

"It's often easier to welcome refugees in families of second-generation immigrants, or among immigrants who have lived here a long time, rather than among Italian families," Alberto Mossino, director of PIAM, a non-profit organization working with migrants and refugees said. "Italians often withdraw from the program, because they have high expectations, but in reality hosting [a migrant] is much more complicated."

Would Americans be more welcoming to refugees and asylum seekers if a program like this were introduced? Perhaps this is something government officials should consider in order to combat the growing number of cities, counties, and states that refuse to let refugees and asylum seekers start up residence there (despite the fact that this has been widely criticized and even has been condemned by President Barack Obama).

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