#MakeDonaldDrumpfAgain: John Oliver's Brutal, Epic Takedown Of Trump

John Oliver finally addressed the monster that is Donald Trump, and the results were perfect and hilarious/

John Oliver has largely avoided talking about Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump on “Last Week Tonight.” He has mentioned that he views the whole endeavor as a joke and does not want to afford Trump any time or legitimacy, particularly when there are more pressing issues to bring attention to.

However, the beast has grown too big—Oliver was finally forced to confront the rise of Trump on Sunday’s episode of “Last Week Tonight,” and the result was glorious.

There is nothing Oliver does better than a masterful takedown. He addressed and destroyed every point Trump voters claim as reasons why they support him: his business acumen, his ability to “tell it like it is,” his self-funding, his boldness.

The grand finale came at the end of the 22-minute segment when Oliver unearthed the fact that Trump’s original family name was Drumpf—which doesn’t exactly have the same, rich ring to it as Trump.

The hashtag #MakeDonaldDrumpfAgain was born and went viral immediately. Oliver created a Chrome extension which will turn any mention of “Trump” on a browser into “Drumpf,” which is completely hilarious. He even has merchandise, with baseball caps that say Make Donald Drumpf Again.








It’s time to treat Trump as seriously as he deserves, and henceforth only refer to him as Donald Drumpf.

Thumbnail/Banner Credits: Lucy Nicholson/Reuters

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