If You Can Spot The Frog Hiding In The Leaves, You’re A Genius

The leaves in the images look devoid of animal life but the clever eye of a photographer has detected something hiding in their green depths.

Can you see something hiding in the leaves?


Not many people can, but the eagle eye of amateur Indian photographer, Yuwaraj Gujrar, 46, can detect the presence of a tiny species of tree frog clinging to a leaf.

The tiny Malabar flying frog is almost impossible to spot, but if you look closely to the right of the big leaf, you can see a single bright yellow spot with a black slash in the middle; that’s the eye of the frog.

Indian Frog

The amphibian’s almost perfect camouflage not just elicits awe but also gives testament to the brilliant photography of Gujrar.


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Malbar flying frogs or Malabar gliding frogs are named so because of their ability to slow their falls by spreading the webbing between their toes when leaping from heights.

It was per chance that Gujrar spotted it during a photography expedition in the forests of Goa, India. The photographer recounted they first observed the female frog making her foamy nest over a small pond. After finishing her task, the frog leapt to a nearby branch and went to sleep.

“The frog was resting and sleeping for quite a long time which gave me the chance to get some good photographs,” said Gujrar. “The perfect blending makes this picture beautiful and that why I love this image. I like to see people's reactions when I show them 'camouflage' photos. They initially start finding the object, some fail and some succeed but the awe expression on their faces is something I always find satisfying.”

Banner/thumbnail credit: REUTERS/Handout via Zoological Society of London

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